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110g (55g X 2)



The perfect combination of tattoo soaps… one for new tattoos, one for well-worn tattoos – together at last.


Defending the start of a new art collection.

The naturally anti-bacterial and vegan ingredients in DEFEND are an effective combination to aid the gentle healing of sensitive tattooed skin.


Restoring well-worn art collections.

REVIVE, with activated charcoal, citrus oil and apricot seeds, is a gentle exfoliant to revive your well-worn tattoos.


TIP for tattoo collectors…  Because we all know your latest tattoo is not your last tattoo,  save DEFEND to have on hand for Day One of your next tattoo!


Learn more about the benefits of these tattoo soaps below

100% natural
No synthetic fragrance
Gluten free
Paraben/Sulfate free
Made in Canada


An antibacterial defense to protect your new tattoo and promote a good heal. Cleansing daily with DEFEND will naturally reduce risk of infection which in turn promotes a faster, smoother healing.

Directions: First wash your hands with DEFEND then gently rub suds onto your new tattoo using just your fingertips. Rinse with lukewarm water and air dry. Follow up with a thin layer of 25toLIFE lotion to hydrate and nourish your healing tattoo.


A gentle, all-natural, exfoliating soap – revealing the art that lies beneath. REVIVE naturally and gently exfoliates only the epidermis, not the dermis where your ink is located. Triangle-shaped for better grip.  You’re welcome!

Directions: To restore your art, wet the black REVIVE soap bar under warm running water. Gently apply soap to wet skin in a circular motion, taking care not to rub too vigorously and possibly irritate sensitive skin. Rinse thoroughly. NOTE:  If your skin is sensitive to the exfoliating apricot seeds, simply lather up the soap in your hands, then gently rub the charcoal lather over your tattooed skin and  rinse thoroughly. Follow up with 25TOLIFE to hydrate and nourish your ink.


Saponified oils* of (Olive, Coconut, sustainable Palm, Castor), sodium lactate (vegan), Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree) essential oil.

Saponified oils* of (Olive, Coconut, sustainable Palm, Castor), sodium lactate (vegan), activated charcoal, Citrus Sinensis (orange) essential oil, ground Apricot seeds.

*What is a saponified oil? Glad you asked! It means that the oils have gone through a process using an aqueous alkali to neutralize the acid and base, turning the oils into soap. The literal meaning of saponification is “soap making”.