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It began with Kate, a Manitoba farm girl turned tattoo artist.

Always one for adventure, Kate is a private pilot, rides motorbikes both on and off-road, enjoys hiking and wilderness camping from her home on Vancouver Island, and travels the world – for inspiration and the occasional tattoo. Most recently, she re-located to London UK to give tattooing a try over there! A U of Manitoba volleyball recruit, she gave it up to pursue agriculture and developed a highly successful vegetable co-op without the use of chemicals or soil additives. 10 years later, with an appreciation for organics and a love of art and ink, Kate grew into a sought-after tattoo artist, taking 1st place for Best Traditional Artist at the Winnipeg Tattoo Show in 2023.  She has loved sharing her passion for fine-line and traditional art, all the while searching for an organic line of aftercare that she could confidently recommend to her clients.

Inspired by the idea that tattoos are living, breathing art collections, she took up the challenge to create a better way to do aftercare. Working together with a microbiologist/cosmetic chemist to get it right, the goal was to give fresh ink its best shot at a good heal, and infuse well-worn ink with new life. Each ingredient was thoughtfully chosen for a specific and beneficial purpose, and the results proved it. She had created something that she knew living art collectors would love…

Kate, a Canadian farm girl turned tattoo artist
  • More than aftercare… it would be ARTcare, infusing living art collections with life, health and vibrancy.
  • More than a product…  it would amplify the ink whose message must be seen to be heard.
  • More than a company… it would promote the culture of tattooed art being a beautiful and worthy artform.
  • More than herself… she would give back and invite tattoo art collectors to join her in making a difference.

And so,  LONG LIVE TATTOOS  was born.


We are a mother/daughter, proudly Canadian small business.

Michele is the mom in this duo. She owns a greenhouse/wedding venue, rides a Triumph and starts each day with good coffee. And yes, she got her first tattoo from her daughter!  Together, they embrace the idea that tattoos are living, breathing art collections that deserve the utmost care.

From Michele: We are confident and so proud to share this professionally curated, tattoo-specific blend of beneficial and luxurious products with you. We care that our ingredients are ethically sourced, fair trade, animal cruelty-free, without child labor and delivered to you in eco-friendly packaging. Our desire is to be kind, inclusive, accessible, socially aware and sustainable.

Long Live Tattoos exists to protect and preserve living art, but in the end, we care about so much more and that’s the purpose behind our Ink4Good initiative. With your purchase, you join us in support of LiveDifferent – a great Canadian organization helping young girls who were victims to become survivors. And that just makes us love you more! Long Live Tattoos!



Join us in making a difference through LiveDifferent—a great Canadian organization providing young girls in Haiti with a safe place to heal and grow.